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Corona Del Mar, California Dentist - George Saliba, DDS - Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

"I want to express my appreciation to all my patients, I am grateful for your confidence in me.  I will always be committed to providing excellent dental care to you and anyone you recommend my services to.  Your satisfaction is my biggest compliment, it is individuals like you that make practicing dentistry such a pleasure." Dr. Saliba

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Best Dentist in Corona Del Mar

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  1. 11/23/2011
    I recently got new dental insurance at work and needed to find a new dentist. I happened to be driving by Dr. Saliba's office and thought I'd take a look and boy am I glad I did. I was pleased they were a preferred dentist on my plan and Pascale did a wonderful job making the new patient process very easy. She patiently answered all my questions about plan coverages, costs and the the best plan of action to make things easy as possible.

    This is a comfortable office filled with state-of-the-art equipment, like no dentist I've ever been to. I am not adverse to going to the dentist, but if I was, this office would put me at ease, without question. Dr. Saliba is as friendly a gentleman as you'll ever meet and his work is simply superb. He moves very carefully and gently and his attention to detail incredible. I also appreciate that he takes time to actually explain and educate about the procedures he does. He even explained to me a better, more gentle brushing technique that has worked out great!

    I am extremely pleased with Dr. Saliba and his staff and recommend them with my highest sincerity. And no, I am not a paid spokesperson for Dr. Saliba, he really is that good!
Very Professional, modern technology, cozy, friendly environment and excellent quality work, I couldn't find which tooth he did a filling on when he was done, I call George "Magic Hands".
I love this office, everything you're looking for in one place, modern technology, gentle dentist. He details everything you need to know about your teeth, the staff is friendly and the price is very reasonable because I have no insurance. I recommend my new dentist to everyone.
I live in Newport Beach and needed a dentist, I found Doctor Saliba in Corona Del Mar, based on all the reviews naming him the best Dentist in Orange County I had to call and I'm so glad I did, when others were telling me I needed gum surgery, doctor Saliba took the conservative approach and my gums have never been better. He truly cares, thank you Doctor Saliba and staff, you are the best Dentist in Orange County and California as far as I'm concerned and I've seen a lot. Highly recommend him, Garrett
quantumlms ‎ - Aug 9, 2011
I live in Newport Beach and needed a dentist, I found Doctor Saliba in Corona Del Mar, based on all the reviews naming him the best Dentist in Orange County I had to call and I'm so glad I did, when others were telling me I needed gum surgery, doctor Saliba took the conservative approach and my gums have never been better. He truly cares, thank you Doctor Saliba and staff, you are the best Dentist in Orange County and California as far as I'm concerned and I've seen a lot. Highly recommend him, Garrett
Michael ‎ - Jun 8, 2011
I am originally from LA, Malibu to be exact, and I have used the best dentists possible all of my life thanks to my mother. Dentists from New York to LA have cared for my teeth. When I met the love of my life in Corona Del Mar and married her, I thought I would have to travel to LA to see a Dentist. Instead I reluctantly went to my wife's dentist, Dr George Saliba, and am I glad I did. In his practice I found superb quality as well as the personal attention one only gets from a family owned business. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Michael V.
CoastBruce ‎ - Apr 21, 2011
The best Dentist in Orange County. I hate needles, Dr. Saliba is the best dentist I've had in years, I don't feel the shots, he's very thorough, takes the time and works at my pace. I call it painless dentistry. He's also been great for my son who's 9 years old. Doctor Saliba's patience is amazing. He's my choice for a dentist, I travel 30 minutes to get to him and it's absolutely worth it.
Verified owner
Jean ‎ - Mar 17, 2011
Best Dentist in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach or anywhere else. The attention to detail is unbeleivable, George really cares and I appreciate it!
Donnie ‎ - Feb 8, 2011
Just moved to Corona Del Mar and needed a dentist. I found this office and picked it because of all the positive review... Everything said is true, it's a great private office and you can tell right away, the Dr. is genuine and gentle. I didn't feel like a number and I never had a cleaning so thorough, will be coming back for some treatments for sure...and will refer to all my family and co-workers in the area. Thank you Dr. Saliba and Staff.
Mario ‎ - Jan 14, 2011
Doctor George is really the best dentist, Selective Dentistry his private office in Corona Del Mar is friendly, relaxing and very comforting. He is a very informative gentle dentist and I recommend him to everyone that asks me for a dentist. In fact, I always hated going to the dentist but now I look forward to my dental appointments because we spend a lot of time chatting before we do anything else. I call George "Magic Hands", he takes great care and does beautiful cosmetic work.
DrResnik ‎ - Dec 28, 2010
My choice for a Corona Del Mar Dentist . I am a doctor and I trust Dr. Saliba as my dentist and my family dentist. His attention to detail and his conservative approach is what I value in him, not to mention how genuine he truly is. An overall nice guy. Selective Dentistry, his private office is very cozy, and truly comforting. He is the chosen dentist for many UCI doctors I know and they've all been very happy with the results. He deffinately has a passion for his profession and takes great pride in his work. As a doctor, I choose him as my dentist and refer him to everyone I know.
Nov 13, 2010
Highly recommended! My new Dentist!. I had major pain, it felt like my head was about to fall off. I called my regular dentist and he was closed. I asked a friend and I was sent to Selective Dentistry the doc was awsome, the office was small but they have all modern stuff digital xray and stuff. It was great, I feel better, he came in early morning to see me before his appointments I owe him! very classy and very private it should be called custom dentistry because they customize everything to fit each patient's needs. Thanks Doc you're the best in my book.
Nov 9, 2010
First visit, very happy! Great Dental office and gentle dentist. I just moved back to Corona Del Mar, I had cleaning and whitening for my first visit and will be coming back for minor treatments and replacing my two front veneers. Very good environment, lovely staff and very friendly dentist. I highly recommend him, I was glad they fit me in so quickly. Thank you, Donna
Nov 4, 2010
Best Corona Del Mar Dentist! Great dental experience, I was so scared and I laughed so much without "laughing Gas" i forgot I was in the dental chair. See you next week!!! loved eveything about the place, the service and the staff. Thanks.
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By Donald - Oct 30, 2010
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Excellent DentistA genuine caring gentle doctor, private, personalized relaxing atmosphere, very friendly staff, a beautiful natural smile on my face without the stress that comes with going to the dentist. I don't know what more you could ask for. Thanks Doctor Saliba, you are my dentist for life and a good friend now too.

By Eric - Oct 23, 2010                                                                                                                                   Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 I love this place!On a Sunday morning, I was dying of pain and found this office online. I called to leave a message and was very surprised when they picked up, I guess they have their phone forwarded at all times. I saw them the very next day and they took great care of me. I have since had a lot more done and I feel like I understand so much more about my mouth because I was always used to the big offices where you go in, they work on you and you just figure they know what they're doing. Dr. Saliba's office is very personalized

By Beth - Oct 21, 2010
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Very SatisfiedThis office is wonderful, it's nothing like I've ever experienced. Dr. Saliba is very very patient and an excellent dentist. I have seen many dentists in my years but the cosmetic work he did on me is amazing, I smile more than ever. My smile is so natural people can't even tell I've had anything done, I have to tell them when they ask something has changed. The office is very private, cute, small, personalized and they made me feel like this office was there just for me. You have to see this to beleive it, it's really great...Thank you Dr. Saliba and staff, you're the best!
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by kbrownsik 10/27/2010 Dr. George is a great dentist, I highly recommend him and his ethical ways. I appreciate such an honest dentist and I'm glad my family and I have found him. I went in thinking I would loose my tooth because I've let things go for so long. His first priority was to save my tooth and do everything he could to not extract it. I didn't beleive it because another dentist wanted to take it out and put an implant. Now, it's saved and I'm glad I seeked his opinion. Thanks Jim for referring me to Dr. Saliba.
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by ZFredman 10/22/2010 Cozy, private, excellent service, it's very comfortable to visit this place, it feels relaxing and not stressful. Dr. Saliba was always concerned about me, how I felt, what I thought, etc... I can't leave my company too much so we scheduled ongoing appointments at 7pm until all my work was done, it's what a dental office is supposed to be. Available to service the patient, care about the patient, etc... deffinately A+ I highly recommend Dr. Saliba and his office.

Merchant Ratings Excellent Dentist, Great Office, lovely staff

Thank you Dr. Saliba I can't stop smiling...see you next week I can't wait until we start on the front. I almost don't want to tell how great this place is, I don't want you to get too busy for me.

October 22, 2010 by Zack in Newport Coast, CA

I never thought I could say I love going to the dentist, this place and staff have been so great to me and my family, sometimes we stop by just to say hi. I was referred to them because I'm freaked out about being far from my kids while in the dentist chair. Dr. Saliba makes sure I stay next to my kids the entire time. Lovely dental office and people that care.

October 21, 2010 by Erica in Newport Coast, CA 

Merchant Ratings Impressive

Excellent Service, Private, comforting, very very informative, I've never had such a great teeth cleaning, thank you Dr. Saliba for all the information you gave me, I can't wait to get my veneers.

October 09, 2010 by Mario in Newport Coast, CA

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I highly recommend this dental office! The office manager, Pascal, is professional and friendly, the dental assistant, Michelle is caring and thorough, and Dr. Saliba is just a one in a million wonderful dentist! He is meticulously detailed, mild mannered and so gentle. I ask a lot of questions and always feel that my inquiries are taken seriously.

As a mom, I'm leery of allowing dental work on my daughter. When she needed a cavity filled, I got second and even a third opinion. Even my friend with a Seattle dental practice told me that Dr. Saliba is spot on! I'm lucky to have found him!

Laura - Corona Del Mar, CA

Dr. Saliba has gone way beyond in taking care of both my husband and myself. He diagnosed a tooth abscess totally missed by my previous dentist. I have never had such a thourough cleaning - and by Dr. Saliba himself! He has spent many hours restoring my husband's gum health. His office staff and dental assitant are effeicent and friendly. Very personal, competant, and boutique service. Is there anything more to ask for? Do not be put off by the small office space. Yvonne, RN
August 25, 2011
Yvonne, CDM

Comments: All the wonderful things said about this office is all true. Dr. Saliba is a gentle, caring doctor, as is his staff. I'm normally a real wimp when it comes to going to the dentist but, although I still am, I have absolute trust in Dr. Saliba. Amazingly, I found myself so relaxed while in the chair that, at times, I actually dozed off. Dr. Saliba and his wife genuinely care about you. I recommend this office to everyone I know.
Fallon - Corona Del Mar, CA

Comments: *****There are not enough stars to add to this rating because Dr. Saliba is the ULTIMATE Dentist and by far, at the top of his profession! I was one of those people that used any excuse to avoid the dentist... However, after simply walking through the front door, my anxieties were immediately relieved. Everyone was sincere, friendly and I was welcomed each time as if I were an old friend. Dr. Saliba's practice has a uniquely quaint, charming feeling and is unlike any of the typical cold dental offices you may be all to familiar with. My first reason for visit; I am in my "early" 40's and my old grey fillings were really starting to make me very self conscience. Smiling is a natural gift however, I caught myself holding my smile back more and more. I purposely faced people with my left side in order to hide the grey filling showing through one of my molars. It was time... My treatment extended over a few weeks and I had every old filling replaced with bright white composites. WOW! The entire procedure went so smoothly, I was very relaxed (no "la~la" drugs used) and still amazed at the transformation. I now enjoy a new smile, regained confidence and shocked at what a great experience this was! Dr. Saliba has a magical talent, genuine regard, great patience and a natural calming approach which is his gift to each individual patient. I also want to express my appreciation and compliments to his staff for making me feel so comfortable. They were extremely accommodating regards to scheduling and considering today's economy; they are more then generous when it came to pricing. If I knew this was going to enhance my life so much, I would have done this years ago! Thank you always!!! You are the best and I am so proud of my new smile~

Susan Chapell - Newport Beach, CA

I am writing this letter to recommend Dr. George Saliba because of my personal satisfaction with the service he is providing for his patients. Also because he is very nice, friendly and helpful person,

I am a senior citizen and know doctor Saliba since he start his practice in Corona Del Mar. What I expect from my doctor firstly is to be qualified and have good experience, then help me save my teeth in most practical way with affordable cost. Also. I want my doctor to be available in short notice to take care of my family emergencies or me.

I am really glad to make this statement that Dr, George Saliba is all of the above and it is pleasure for me to recommend him.
Mr. Ghobad Fakhimi - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Saliba is absolutely the best dentist i have ever seen. I'm very proactive about taking care of my teeth, and, in addition to deep cleaning, he has done several crowns and numerous fillings on me. Everything has been completely painless and comfortable. His assistant, Michelle, is also wonderful and makes sure I am doing well throughout every procedure. Dr. Saliba was also available to help one of my good friends on a holiday weekend when her regular dentist was out of the office. I highly recommend Dr. Saliba and his caring staff!

Keith - Corona Del Mar

Selective Dentistry is truly a concierge dental office; no dental mill here. I have gone to dentists all across this country, and I can honestly say the quality of Georges dental work is second to none.
Greg Bolduc - Trabuco Canyon

My wife and I commend Dr. Saliba for his terrific work and gentle, kind, professional demeanor. He demonstrated great patience when I came to him with a tooth that had decayed to a point where most dentists would have recommended that it be pulled. He performed a root canal treatment on the tooth and treated it with antibiotics until it completely healed several months later. Best of all, Dr. Saliba's fees were very reasonable for the amount of time that he spent on saving that tooth. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Saliba.
Kurt & Inge Kawohl - Corona Del Mar

Dr. Saliba is truly the nicest, most knowledgeable dentist I have had since chidlhood. Whether you are an adult or child, he treats you with the greatest of ease and does not make coming to the dentist a dreading experience. I highly recommend making Dr. Saliba your familly dentist. Thank you Dr. Saliba and staff for everything!

Narineh Sarkissian - Fountain Valley, CA

Relieving! Thorough! Impressive! Talented!

These are only a few of the words ( forming an acronym ) that can describe the care that I receive at Selective Denistry in Corona del mar. When I had a SEVERE toothache on a Sunday afternoon, I called and they answered and had a prescription for me immediately, the pain was gone in thirty-minutes, and they took perfect care of my problem the very next day! It was Heaven! Don't be deceived...you will get personal, state-of-the-art care in the one room facility that is provided for you when you are priveledged to be cared for at Selective Dentistry! I was fortunate to be referred to them, and the personable, tailored staff took care of my problems, and put me on the right path toward dental and oral health. P.S. The acronym says WORTH IT !!!
Skip Frasier - Costa Mesa, CA

I would like to thank you for the amazing transformation you perfomed on my teeth.
You put a smile on my face and brought back the confidence in me as if I am competing all over again In the Olympic games. I will recommend you to all I know.
Thank you again

Mirwan Nick Kassouf - Newport Beach, CA
Olympic Boxer and Reality Show Producer

Dr. Saliba is not only a great Dentist but he is one of the most personable people I have ever known. He knows what is best for his patients and he strives for excellence. I am glad to have him as my Dentist and recommend him & his wonderful staff in a heart beat.
Tony Bresse - Huntington Beach, CA

We've been seeing Dr. Saliba for the past few years, when my husband and I moved to palm desert, we couldn't find anyone as gentle, genuine and truly as meticulous as Dr. Saliba. We make the effort to drive 2.5 hours each way anytime we're due for our routine visits and any other treatments we might have. It's quite rare to find an office like Dr. Saliba's these days. Thank you!
Larisa and Randy Heether - Palm Desert, CA

Dr. Saliba's office is truly one of a kind! After having moved to Orange County 2 years ago I was unable to find a descent dentist. The amount of knowledge and care provided by Dr. Saliba is unparalleled! Furthermore, the care is personable. He truly cares about the health of your teeth! In other words, you're not just another patient to him. He takes the time to educate you about your teeth and explains to you, in laymen's terms, what the problem is and what can be done to fix it. I consider me and my family very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Saliba's office! Thank you Dr. Saliba!
Tallah Manneh - Newport Beach, CA