General Dentistry

Selective Dentistry, Inc. - General and Family Dentistry - George Saliba, DDS - Corona Del Mar CA Dentist

Doctor George Saliba offers family dental services with one focus in mind "PREVENTION".  

From Cleanings and prevention services to Root Canal Therapy and oral surgery.  Doctor Saliba's expertise and extensive education combined with all modern technology has to offer is able to provide treatments to his patients with the focus of preventing future damage and performing any necessary treatments early to prevent further decay.

Plaque is the enemy, proper prevention begins with proper home care and regular visits to the dentist.  Doctor Saliba provides each patient with oral hygiene instructions.  Selective Dentistry provides a wide range of general dental services.  All procedures are performed in a private personalized office serving both adults and children.

We all know that we need to brush and floss daily. Proper brushing removes plaque, food debris, and bacteria from our teeth. Improper brushing, can be destructive, damaging the very teeth and gums that we’re trying to keep healthy.

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