Invisalign Teen


Doctor Saliba is one of the leading Orange County Invisalign providers, during your complimentary consultation, you will have all the answers to your Invisalign questions answered, whether you're a candidate for Invisalign treatment, how long your Invisalign treatment will last and how much Invisalign will cost when compared to braces.  This information will impower you to make better informed decisions.

For most teenagers, the thought of having straight teeth is great thing but the idea of wearing braces is the last thing they want to think about, many seek alternatives to braces.  Invisalign providers throughout Orange County have found more patients seeking invisalign for teens.

Invisalign teen began slowly but gained popularity quickly, Invisalign for teens is now considered a great alternative to braces, invisalign teen braces are clear braces for teeth allowing the patient to easily and quickly straighten their teeth without the hassle and pain involved with traditional braces.

One of the biggest issues with traditional braces is the oral hygiene challenges faced by patients wearing traditional braces.  People with Invisalign maintain their ideal oral health by easily removing their clear braces while they eat, and brush their teeth.  There are many things to consider when looking at Invsalign vs Braces, before you ask yourself should I get invisalign for my teeth?, it's important to find out about all the details involved in having invisalign orthodontics.

It's important to begin by understanding how invisalign works, if you are a candidate for invisalign treatment and finding an experienced caring dentist to provide you with the invisalign treatment and follow up with your invisalign care throughout the entire treatment.

Whether it's invisalign for teenagers or Invisalign braces for adults, the treatment has been called many things such as 6 month braces or invisalign express.  Each patient is different, each case is unique and only a dentist can determine the best treatment options for long lasting results without the pain.  An Invisalign treatment is not for everyone, only your Invisalign dentist can determine whether it's a good alternative for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with Doctor Saliba and see if Invisalign teen is right for you.